My CHSL 2018 Typing Experience (TCS typing Test for SSC)

By Dipta Barman
Dec. 2, 2020, 3:17 p.m.

   As Everyone knows this year typing tests would be conducted by TCS itself, and through Commision website's we could get to know the test would be screen to screen , I did not get surprised at the first place, I was curious if the text would be highlighted or not, but It was not .

  After all the document formalities I was directed to a take the seat (of a PC) of their choice, which had been allocated during formalities,( as we have been following in the tier 1 and tier 2 exam).

  After having the seat, we have nothing to do except fighting with our nervousness, except this we are to check if all the things are all right or not like your chair (specially its height), your given keyboard, and mouse .

  In my case height of the chair was much lower, so I asked to change that chair and they did. Before it nobody asked to change their chair, I don't know whether they checked their own or not but after my request of changing , most of the candidates did the same and changed their too. Please don't hesitate to ask them for any change, it is your right, govt is spending a big amount for your prerogative, and one thing I had asked to move my keyboard from drawer to table because that drawer was in a condition that I could not place my hands properly there, you should take care of it.

   My keyboard was fine so didn't ask for a change there. (You should be checking all the key in the demo test specially backspace which could turn the table anytime).

   After waiting a 30 minutes we were asked to submit, putting password (our date of birth) in the console, After that A demo test was there of 10 Minutes . In the test there will be no key working except backspace, four arrows, and space bar and all the a,b,c,d,..1,2,3 and both shift key..(They have told not to press any function key like f1,f2, I don't know what can happen but they told, you should be aware of that)

   I have completed my passage within 7:30 minutes after that I was checking my whole passage but it was difficult to match both the passage but we have to go through the passage in the remaining time for the sake of our future, One line gap can make your hard earn job into depression.

   After completion we were shown how many gross keystrokes we have pressed( some folk were saying it was including backspace counting that's why it was different for different candidates). And you couldn't be knowing what have you done in past 10 minutes, so make the best use of total test times.

   After the demo test there was 3 minutes gap and then the real exam was started I did the same, completed within 7:30 minutes and then was rechecking my passage. Exam went well, but after the result I can be assured if I passed or not.

   One thing, don't listen to anyone's experience of typing tests, most of the candidates will be showing you like a hollywood movie full of thrill and action, no its not , it's a piece of cake. In my CHSL 17 experience before entering the exam hall we a group of candidates were asked to have seats in empty hall room. I have learned a big lesson there, nobody was talking to another, a guy was meditating ,a guy was made his eyes lad close throughout that session , a guy was looking above, I had feeling then were we in the middle of Kargil War and had we lost all our arms, no its not we all made ourselves believe that it is tough even in the surrounding you would forced to believe it. I want you to take it as a simple as regular typing , if you are in the typing hall there must be sound of typing , is it a big deal , you should be concentrating on your own. I am requesting all of you to take it is as a simple one, after some time you will realize the typing test is more like a concentration game, who have more control on their consciousness will snatch the trophy with them.

   My wishes are there for you may have the best job you are seeking for. Good Luck.

   I have attached pic up there, you will find the same interface in the exam hall there.


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