WBPSC Clerkship Free Typing Passages

By Dipta Barman
Dec. 28, 2020, 12:45 p.m.

WBPSC 100 Free Typing Test Pdf

  WBPSC has completed 2 tier exam processes of Clerkship 2019 Examination, Now its Time to go through the last lap which is a typing test that is basically easygoing because they required for only 20 WPM , but you should be practicising some passages, here we came up with 100 free typing test passages compiled in a single PDF.

  In exam probably you would require to type a passage of around 1000 keystrokes in 10 minutes, we compiled passages with more than 1250 character and between 1800 character, you must completed a passage within 10 minutes, we mentioned the total keystrokes at the each sentences for your convenience.

   Download Link is here ... Clerkship Typing Test Pdf

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