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Call on the given number right away.., you're facing this problem because you haven't completed the process in our website .. After completion of payment in through your respective wallet you're suppose to visit the payment website for completion.. Perhaps you didn't, It's not an issue chill.. Call us ASAP we're here to help 24*7
Please Let us know about the problem through phone or Telegram Channel or Email and We will shortly resolve the issue. Thanking you
You have to drop your original Email Id during sign up.. In future you can reset password only through that Email.. Good luck
Just call us any time given above.. Join Us in Telegram
Your password can't be too similar to your other personal information. (specially USERNAME) ,must contain at least 8 CHARACTER, can't be a COMMONLY used password, can't be entirely NUMERIC
No, We strictly prohibited this feature, because we tried to make these mocks most relevant for exam , turn your Exam Hall into your Home.. If you are aiming for a particular Exam please Buy that Test If not available You can request us in our Telegram Channel or Facebook Page or you can connect us to the Phone Number given , Be with us . Good Luck!!
Yes, after purchasing the Test is yours , take million of times those tests and make your skill more sharp .
Go to pricing, choose a test series, and pay as you wish, you can pay thorugh PayTm wallet or debit card, credit card or Net Banking.

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